Boarding Packages


All packages are subject to availability. We do have a waitlist for most packages, but please call to find out how we can help. Also, please let us know if you do not find the package your horse requires.

Pasture Boarding  (Call or email for Availability)

Pasture package is for the horse that loves to be outside. It is a 24-hour group pasture, with run-in sheds for inclement weather. Hay is provided if needed to support pasture management. Horses are checked on at least once per day. Grooming, exercising, or blanketing is available.

Call for Pricing and Availability


Standard Full-Care Boarding Package 

Our Standard package includes a matted stall with daily stall cleaning for your horses comfort and protection, group pasture daily turn-out (weather permitting), summer fans, blanketing during inclement weather, hay and grain are given morning, afternoon and evening with owner supplied supplements. Horses are grained twice daily and given hay three times per day. We do late-night checks on all stalled horses.

12 x 12  stalls Call for Pricing and Availability

14 x 14 stalls Call for Pricing and Availability


Premium Full-Care Boarding Package
This package includes your horse blanketed as per your instructions, any additional boots / equipment needed for turnout, basic grooming (dirt and mud removal, detangling of main and tail, etc.). You have the option of keeping your horse inside the matted, pine-bedded 13 x 14 stall.  Access private individual turnout for 4 hours in the morning and / or the afternoon depending on your training routine. Stalls are cleaned daily 7 days a week. Biannual fecal exams and deworming are included as well as daily shoe check, re-blanketing /sheeting,  and warm shower rinse when needed. Grain hay are given in the morning and evening with owner supplied supplements. Summer fans & show lighting provided. Trailer parking included. Horses are grained twice daily and given hay three times per day. We do late-night checks on all stalled horses. Call for Pricing and Availability



We will be happy to work hand in hand with your vet, farrier and / or trainer. Heritage Horse Farm takes the responsibility of caring for your horse very seriously and welcomes the opportunity. Call for a pricing.



Additional Services

  • Blanketing:  $5 per request or $50 per month.  May be added to pasture board package. (Included with full-care board)
  • Private Turnout – $50 per month (limited availability)
  • Farrier & Vet Handling Assistance– $10.00 All financial arrangements should be made prior to this service with your farrier or vet.  We do have a farm farrier and vet, but we do not add on or “kick-back.”  Always feel free to use your own vet or farrier. (Included with full care board for farm farrier/vet)
  • Trailer parking- $25. Included in any full-care boarding package contract (space is limited)

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We'd love to hear from you. Currently, we have a waitlist for most boarding options, but call us or send us a message to see how we can help you.