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About Us

Owners: Chad Mendell and Angi Bauer

Chad Mendell

My wife and I purchased Heritage Horse Farm in November 2011. In 2010, I founded CowDog Media, an inbound marketing and web development company focused on helping businesses be more than just a point of purchase for their customers by helping them become an invaluable resource. I’m also an editor and partner of the horse business site Before that I was the executive editor at The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care and where I developed an array of online educational products from videos, newsletters, and live webinars for horse owners and trainers.  Additionally, I’m the vice president of the Kentucky Horse Council, and I actively train and show my own reining horses.



Angi Bauer

Angi has been riding since she was a kid and just started showing reining horses. In addition to helping around the farm, she also owns and operates Your Pet Assistant, a pet sitting service for the Georgetown, KY area.